You can’t have one without the other

What is a business without it’s customers? It would be a building, with managers, supervisors, employees and products or services right? If you don’t have a market then what’s the point right? Well the same holds true for it works! As much as I love having new people on my team and having this business change their lives my business wouldn’t succeed! If you think 3 months is a long commitment let me show you how easy it can be!

Start an it work challenege like the triple threat weightloss challenge

3 products every month to cleanse your body of toxins, lose the weight and tighten and tone your skin! Imagine what 3 months could do for you?

3 month (90 day) program!

Lots of companies give incentive programs punch cards like buy 10 and get one free at star bucks or smoothie card at elderberries (miss that place) and varies other places that recognize that they wouldn’t be the business they are without their customers and they know they have a good product and they want to reward their customers who have chosen them as their provider. You still might be thinking 3 months buying one product a month means you’re only committing to 3 products.

If you just want to purchase one product and don’t want to pay retail pricing which can be rather steep but really can’t justify spending $100 retail for a box of wraps but don’t want to commit to an autoship you can pay a one time fee of $50 and then you get benefits of a loyal customer 45% off all future orders, perk points and FREE SHIPPING!! (i don’t even get free shipping)

loyal it pays

we appreciate our distributors but love our loyal customers so we give them free money since 1=$1 $50 after 6mths and $150 after a year.

loyal perks

Want the best of both worlds? Earn Cash, earn bonuses, get out of debt, meet new friends, have fun and reach financial freedom and freedom of time. Or support me and my business as a loyal customer?

By the way since i’ve been being more regular about my blogging I’m adding a few new topics here. I’ve started writing about my asheville adventure and my foodie reviews. I started online dating and I’ve gotten some really weird psyco emails from people and i’m going to share them to give you a few laughs. The next section is my business I’m going to do a blog or two a week about different testimonies from leaders in this company how the business and the products have changed their lives.

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