Where adventure and food creates a happy day

It’s rare that two cooks have the same day off. It’s also rare that you want to do anything but sleep during those days. But I have found an adventure buddy!! We have had 2 days off together and the first day we went and spent the day at carowins! This time we decided to stay local. We didn’t do all the things we had planned but altering your adventure is all part of the adventure! We decided we wanted to enjoy the beautiful day by being on the river. Well alot of the tubing places were closed after labor day so we missed it by a day. 😦 So we found a place that rented water equipment and decided to go kayaking. we decided to take the longer float of 5+hrs past the biltmore estate (which I totally missed the view 😦 ) At the beginning I thought it’s so nice, a little overcast but nice. Then after about 3 hrs we started getting STARVING but we were on the river and we didn’t reach the end for another couple hours. If you’re looking for a fun day on the river check out outdooradventurerentals.com Our original plan was to check out the bywater after our river adventure but by that point we were beyond hungry and didn’t want to put forth the effort to cook we decided on finding a good burger. Hence we went to farm burger down town farmburger.net

grassfed burgers with endless toppings, mediocre fries but yummy sweet potato fries. The service was so fast that we ordered, and were deciding where to sit when our food was following us to our seats! We literally engulfed our burger in minutes. I don’t remember tasting all the wonderful toppings I put on mine (tom, let, cheddar, carmelized onions) Though I should have gone with my orignal instinct to order a mid rare burger instead of med. After such an great experience we decided to meander over to

Chocolate Lounge sign

the Chocolate lounge where we had only heard of the wonderful chocolaty things within. We were not disappointed. We arrived before the line made it’s way out the door. We marveled at all the cakes, creams, drinks ,truffles, and brownies. Before deciding on an a highland moca stout cake (a chocolate beer cake, asheville is a beer city) with coffee flavored buttercream which could have been sweeter in my opinion but it still hit a place of happiness within. I contemplated ordering a cheesecake with caramel chocolate marbling (or it could have just been marbled on top) but I was told to order something that I couldn’t easily replicate (great chefly wisdom that I always try to follow anyway πŸ™‚ ) So I ordered a chocolate mousse with caramel creme trifle with whipped cream. OMG from the first bite it was love. It put me in a happy daze that didn’t really end. Throughout the night you could hear “mmm oh yeah mmm” It was THAT good! Also for those that know me I have this involuntary reaction if something is really tasty I say “mmh” after every bite. I’d say it was a perfect end to a perfect day.

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  1. That chocolate place is great and rather fancy! I went there when I visited over the summer πŸ™‚

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