Everytime a bell rings an angel gets her wings

Last saturday, God rang the bell when a young lady in the Roanoke community passed away after fight the battle with leukemia for 2 years. She was not only well known in the community for being a women of God she was joyful, encouraging and loved her family and friends. She and her family were/are close friends with my family so we are really feeling their loss too. During her battle she internalized psalms when david said “bless the lord o my soul let my inmost being praise his holy name.” She trusted the Lord with all her heart leaning not on her own understanding because her situation didn’t make sense and nothing seemed to fix it. In all her ways she acknowledged God and he promised and did make her path straight.Maybe not in the way we would have chosen but she’s in heaven and everything makes sense there.

We never understand why God takes young people before we think is their due time on the earth, but for Hannah, God wanted to show himself through her not through her healing but instead through her sickness. Throughout her battle she was a joyful spirit who had a heart after Gods so I believe she would consider it worth it all if just one person came to know and trust Jesus or even just was encouraged to learn more about Him too because that’s how God feels about us. He died on the cross to forgive our sin so that we could have fellowship with God without the burden of sin in the way.

As a human I struggle with being content and understanding God’s way. I wonder why perfectly healthy people throw their lives away physically and emotionally just check out. You would think it would be fair to trade places with them if you’re sick and want to live life to the fullest. Everyone takes something/someone for granted which others pine for. Children, freedom, job, relationships, car, health or even basic things like new clothes or a house.

Be thankful for what you have and remind the people in your life that you are blessed to have them. Allow others to bless you so you can continue being a blessing to others because you never know what you have that others wish they did too.

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