Duck duck…GOOSE

I’ve been doing a poor job keeping this blog updated on the fun places and hing I’ve been doing here in asheville! New places I’ve visited recently are Sierra Navada, White Duck Taco both locations, The Biltmore Estate, 9rounds kickboxing gym, Art Museum downtown and the wicked weed just to name a few.

One of my friends came and visited and after always visiting me in the itty bitty town of hotsprings,va. it was nice to actually have places to visit. We started our city exploration with White Duck Taco. 

there are two locations in asheville one in the river arts district which is a small shop but their food is legit. I would put this place on my list of places to visit with friends who are visiting. LOL. Get the Fish or Shrimp taco! next I want to try the duck taco. The Other location is in downtown asheville. Same menu but the atmosphere isn’t as warm more on the professional side.

Sierra Navada is a brewery near arden NC.   

The picture doesn’t do it justice. It was impressive.  I was expecting it to look industrial but it didn’t have that look or feel. Next I go back i’d love to book a tour to learn more about the brewing process.

Wicked Weed was a restaurant downtown which I had always tried to go to but it was always closed but now that i’ve been I was unimpressed with the menu but I will say I enjoyed the atmosphere.

Asheville Art Museum

unfortunately it was a cold day to be walking around downtown so we found ourselves at the art museum. I can’t say I’ve ever been to an art museum before then I grew up going to the science museum though. We were one of the few people looking/commenting/pondering the art. One of the exhibits featured reflective strips which we were encouraged to take pictures and tag them on social media. (though I broke my phone so I can’t get to my pictures). It’s a fun rainy/cold day activity. 

Back in January my family came to visit and in addition to enjoying the National gingerbread competition at the grove park inn we ventured to the biltmore estate.

The estate was huge and it was well worth your time to have the historical audio tour. Admission to the house provides a wine tasting and you can choose to wonder around the gift shop. If you can help it don’t go on a day where there is a bike race going on. 😉

Over Thanksgiving I’ve become slightly obsessed with 9rounds kickboxing gym 

I have been able to increase my strength and feel accomplished. There are 2 different locations in asheville but the workout changes everyday so I don’t get bored and I am amazed how much I get done in 30min.

My next exploration goals are to get out and try hiking/outdoor hangout, international travels to guatamala and find a good place to hangout/meet up with friends.



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