The brain is a fun place….

You might ask why I title my blog post this but the brain is so cool in all that it can do and my reflection goes through my journey in epilepsy.  I’m not entirely sure where to begin my blog but I wanted to thank my family, friends, roommates, and coworkers who have come along this journey with me. I’ve tried a myriad of medication over the past decade all of them have helped with the seizure symptoms somewhat but not completely and they caused an additional problem. Problems ranging from sentence construction, loss of focus, headaches, crazy vivid dreams, enhanced auditory senses, nausea and loss of interest in food. I had a hard time at work and started having more seizures at work. It made my chefs and co-workers nervous around me like I was a bomb just waiting to detonate and there wasn’t anything I could do about it.

I couldn’t continue to live in fear. So in November I participated in a sleep study where my neurologist collected data on my seizures and proposed I get a new implant surgery. VNS or Vagus Nerve Stimulation implant was something I had read about in studies and had recently met a girl who was a couple years younger than me that had had the surgery and it had done wonders for her. After thinking it over I decided to go for it because in my mind there wasn’t another option. I was able to get time off work, insurance helped pay for the surgery and I found out that I was the first person in asheville to have the newest model installed and monitored in asheville.

I’m two weeks post surgery and they decided that today would be a good day to turn on the device. I was a little nervous walking into the doctors office this morning, almost an hour early for my appointment, not entirely sure what I should expect. I was led through the labyrinth, that is the doctors office, by the nurse while she rattled off the generic questions to which my answers rarely change to their biggest exam room. The nurse briefly left me in the room before my neurologist came in followed by her entourage of three other VNS reps.

Over the next few months they are going to be working on increasing my “dose” with the goal of reaching “1” for the device right now I am at .25 for 30 second intervals every 5 minutes It also reads my heart rate and if it spikes rapidly like 60-84 in 5 seconds it will send a .37 current because often times increase in heart rate is an indicator that a seizure will proceed so this feature attempts to neutralize that. Another feature is the magnets which I will keep on my person in the event where I feel like a seizure might happen or if someone sees me having a seizure they can take the really strong magnet and swipe it across my heart (where the device is implanted) and it delivers a dose twice as strong as the normal for 1 minute.

Eight hours later my comments would be sometimes it takes my breath away. I feel like had a workout today when I didn’t do a whole lot. Sometimes it makes me cough of suddenly intake air. Sometimes it feels like mild suffocation with the pressure and feels like someone took one of those cheap dry erase markers with the erasers on the cap and after it had been used for awhile rubs it up and down in the same spot on my vocal chord. Not super pleasant but I’m hoping that over time I will grow used to it and that I can be another success story. I want to look back on this year and see change. Thanks for all of your continued prayers and support!


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Protecting your reputation

Ever get to that point where you have so much to do that you just say “thats it I’m laying in my hammock all day”? Thaats how I feel about my blogging I have so much to write about my trip to guatamala and one day (don’t worry I took notes so as not to forget anything) I will get to blogging about it but right now something else is on my mind.

Have you ever thought about what would happen to you if your reputation was shaken? Have you ever wonder what type of people worry about their reputation? Is it just politicians? CEOS? Pastors? People in the public eye? People who have the job of protecting a politician’s reputation have a difficult what kind of screening process do they have to go through to get that honor? I realize this is a lot to process and questions that don’t have answers for us unfortunately but feel free to use it to jumpstart a conversation with me or someone else. Another thought, I was listening to elevation worship and have been thinking about their song “I can’t believe”  and it just hit me God has a reputation and he doesn’t need defending but he has chosen us to know him and give us the responsibility of being his ambassadors. “I can’t believe you chose someone like me to declare your name…”  I guess the reason we hire people to protect our reputation is we have something to hide. It’s funny how God chose us to be holy like he is holy and he has nothing to hide.

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One fish in the middle of the sea

“No women ever wakes up saying I hope don’t I get swept off my feet today” -Hitch

This is one of my favorite romantic comedys so bare with me while I use a couple quotes haha. So yes I moved to a new city. I’m not saying I’m looking for love but I would like to find a good friend or two and maybe get swept off my feet in the process so I joined online dating. Wrap Girl 87! yep I incorporated my business into my user name. While I’ve gotten several views on my profile I wonder how they come up with their matches. Like my criteria to start with. Age 25-35, lives in asheville and non smoker! so why am I getting people who are a 10% match or 90% of the good looking ones (yes I’m superficial at times) are smokers! There’s a difference in having a religion as a hobby or a box to check on a form and actually living it. So this week(s) explore asheville will be merged with New city new friends segment.

So that day where I was bored and decided to take the leap I got into some good conversations with a couple guys. After a couple hours of messaging one of them asked if i’d like to go out on the off chance I actually get off on a weekend. So I randomly got friday off and I’ve been wanting to go to the drum circle which happens every friday downtown it’s fantastic and everyone should experience it at least once! So we decided to go hiking prior to the drum circle we went to sliding rock (watch it for the first minute or two)

The Water was so cold it took your breath away! We only slid down a handful of times b/c the water was so cold. It can be such a fun time people watching! I could be happy if I came with a bunch of people to just sit in the sun on a rock and watch people go down. There was a couple that went down and they went so fast that when they hit a bump in the rock the got good air! We would make sure we were watching when they went down. Parking is $2 per person. There are changing areas and a spectator overlook as we were leaving an older couple who had no intention of swimming had brought 2 camping chairs and set them up in view of the slide to just watch for awhile. We also ventured over to Triple falls

Where little known fact the hunger games were filmed in the dupont state forest where you will find triple falls, hooker falls and looking glass falls. (I’m sure there are more than that too!)

Ahhh My city is famous for something other than it’s breweries!

Next we went to

Yes It’s a baby. I have no idea why. I was in the mood for pizza so I settled on a calzone as did he. Their food was good but I wouldn’t put it on my must visit list. Halfway through dinner I realized his shirt was on inside out. How do you tell someone that? We laughed about it and tried to see if the waitress would notice but she didn’t. We continued our adventure downtown to the drum circle

Thats only a small section. there was probably 70 drummers. They had 3 big drums in the center that set the rhythm and young and old would follow along while the spectators danced and twirled, ran congo lines and hoola hooped.  It happens Every friday night so go do it! Afterwards we walked around downtown using a quarter to determine which streets we would walk down. If it was heads then we would go right or straight and if it was tails then we would go left. Every time he flipped the coin it ended up on heads (like 12 times in a row!) and every time I flipped it…tails. (6 times). It was a fun day 🙂

Date 2:

First date was late 20s the second guy was late 30s. A little older than I had originally thought I’d like but I thought i’d give it a shot. What’s wrong with meeting a few new friends? New experiences? Why Not. So we decided to meet at the atlanta bread company then move on from there. Apparently every tuesday there’s a group of older people who play cards and games all day happens every week from what the cashier said. We moved on from there and figured out we both love to play games so we went to play phooseball at a local brewery Altamont Brewing companyAltamont Brewing Company - Asheville, NC, United States

Its built in an old mechanic shop and they recently bought the restaurant next door and is going to open it up to food soon! They have a cool stage. The decor is really cool with drapes and local artists sell their artwork. There are brochures and magazines showcasing everything fun there is to do in asheville! They have a ping pong table and phooseball table which is free for everyone’s enjoyment. It’s also a stop on the asheville brewery bus tour! Different type of date both fun in different ways. Yay for making new friends! Cheers to meeting new people and doing new fun things!

The foodie in me is rejoicing!

Ok so up until this point this blog has been a combination of spiritual realizations, life stories and my company itworks. I’d like to add another component. Since I moved to asheville on saturday I have been thrilled to see all the different shops and eateries around town. The foodie in me is rejoicing and my taste buds are happy after all the good food i’ve had this weekend. I will attempt to try to visit all the places in asheville. My goal is to try 4 places a month then review them on here and to keep track of my favorites and to perhaps give you an idea for your next date night 😉 I started my life in asheville off right with several places.

Early girl eatery- cute little place located in downtown. recommended to me by the lady working at a hotel downtown where i asked for directions. It’s quirkey, lots of vegetarian/vegan options. I had the black bean burger. I heard that it’s a rather busy place normally but seeing as we went at 2pm it was rather quiet. Great place for lunch catching up with a long time friend or meeting a new one. lends well to the culture of asheville

Atlantic Bread Company- though it’s not a asheville gem, it’s a great place to get a bagel or meet someone for lunch. It reminds me alot of panera bread company. The lady behind the counter wasn’t well informed on the menu when I asked for a clarifying question gave me the wrong answer instead of verifying it.

Italian place (name escapes me)- on my first trip to asheville we ate here. the food was good and the decor was nice.

Asheville pizza and brewery- Very cool decor. Little theatre in the back that plays older or little known movies. The theme is movies and there is alot of cool murals and tile work. The waitress was very patient since we took awhile to order since we had never seen the menu before. She answered all of our questions and was nice. We had pizza, fish sandwich (jaws sandwich) and a big salad. The fish was bland but the homemade tarter sauce was fantastic. The pizza was piping hot though i didn’t care too much for the sauce.

Moes- I realize it’s a chain. But the place I wanted to try (urban burrito) we were afraid we wouldn’t be able to get in and out quickly since I had an appointment with the internet guy at 1pm well he didn’t show up till 4:30pm. womp womp. but oh well till next time. Moes was good it was fun to hear them shout “welcome to moes” every time someone walked through the door. There were different size burrittos which was cool since my favorite mexican place (chipotle) had only large burritos that could be mistaken for a baby. They had a cool salsa bar and ur food came with chips. However the steak was over cooked and flavorless. I miss my chipotle but with all that this city has to offer I will survive 🙂

PF chang-  the place was very modern looking. There was a giant statue of a horse outside. The waitress sat us immediately. me being a foodie spotted a great deal. For $40 you could get 2 soups 1 app, 2 entrees and 1 dessert! Hello 4 course meal as i suspected it was ample food for 3 people and in total we spent less than if each of us got an entree on our own. Win-Win! So we got egg drop soup, wonton soup, chicken lettuce leaf wraps (cool concept fijias with lettuce instead of tortillas!), shrimp pad Thai, ginger chicken curry with broccoli (cooked perfectly al dante) and vanilla creamcheese filled wontons with raspberry sauce.

Whits custard- Oh My goodness! all within 2 blocks from my house I have a icecream place (hops,the hop something hop) a frozen yogurt place (yolo! yes thats the name lol) and frozen custard (whits) while I love all three custard is so creamy and delicious. It reminds me of college where we used to to go klines custard shop quite frequently. similarly they have the standard vanilla and chocolate but also a flavor of the week and then a flavor of the day. yesterday I was enticed by the vanilla although the pistacio almond was fantastic. Today as I walked by I resisted the urge to get chocolate coconut maccaroon and/or buckeye. (I never got my buckeyes this past christmas!)

There’s my culinary adventures thus far. Stay tuned to other adventures and if you want to contribute to my list of places to visit or accompany me on my journey I’d love company 🙂

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