Protecting your reputation

Ever get to that point where you have so much to do that you just say “thats it I’m laying in my hammock all day”? Thaats how I feel about my blogging I have so much to write about my trip to guatamala and one day (don’t worry I took notes so as not to forget anything) I will get to blogging about it but right now something else is on my mind.

Have you ever thought about what would happen to you if your reputation was shaken? Have you ever wonder what type of people worry about their reputation? Is it just politicians? CEOS? Pastors? People in the public eye? People who have the job of protecting a politician’s reputation have a difficult what kind of screening process do they have to go through to get that honor? I realize this is a lot to process and questions that don’t have answers for us unfortunately but feel free to use it to jumpstart a conversation with me or someone else. Another thought, I was listening to elevation worship and have been thinking about their song “I can’t believe”  and it just hit me God has a reputation and he doesn’t need defending but he has chosen us to know him and give us the responsibility of being his ambassadors. “I can’t believe you chose someone like me to declare your name…”  I guess the reason we hire people to protect our reputation is we have something to hide. It’s funny how God chose us to be holy like he is holy and he has nothing to hide.

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Lyric composition

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted idk why but I guess I havn’t been in the mood to write. I’ve had time but maybe it’s also been I havn’t had the time where I was dropped off at the library and the only thing the computer would do was let me write. Since I’ve last written I’ve gotten a job at a mexican place similar to Chipotle as a prepcook there. I won’t say I love or hate it, it’s just nice to have money again and the people aren’t bad for the most part. I’ve really loved getting to know the college kids from church of the holy spirit this summer they really show community and it’s really great to be where the Holy Spirit is moving. I’ve realized this summer since the theme of the summer was change that there is change that happens within between you and God and then there is change that happens between two people if both people are Christians then there is alot of overlap because where two or more Christians are Christ is there too. I realized when someone talks about the things they did before they came to Christ and now they recognize them as sinful we believe that the past is the past and when they came to Christ and were washed by the lamb the old is gone and the new has come they are a new creation and it’s a beautiful thing to watch as Christ transforms their life.

I was at work yesterday and we always listen to the radio and sometimes I jam out other times I tune it out but yesterday as I was listening to the lyrics I was dumbfounded that people in our day and age couldn’t come up with more creative, or meaningful lyrics than… I whip my hair back and forth, I’m sexy and I know it…I work out, girl shut your lips do the helen keller and talk with your hips. Really? Really?Out of the overflow of the heart the mouth speaks i’d say song artists need to get things straight. Then you have the other extreme where Christian artists have the lyrics right but the song is like a lullaby not something I want to jam out to when I’m working out. So basically, Everybody has a story to tell,  whether in song or rap or through living your life, maybe not the story you meant to, Everybody has a story to tell the people and the places you went to. (soup, soap, salvation)

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I’ve got the Best of both worlds…

To answer your question I no I really don’t like Hannah Montana/ Millay Siaras or W/e her name is although i will say her movie was pretty good 😉 Everyone on the East coast started school this week and my family is no exception. My sister started High school and going from homeschooling to being a Freshman at CSHS is a real adjustment and my Younger brother is going into 5th grade and having a hard time lets just say TGIF. After getting my new job my schedule has been perfect I literally have the best of both worlds I get to go to school in the morning once a week and go to work for 4 days in the evening I get 30hrs then 3 days off. I’m also a youth leader for the middle school and I’ve seen some amazing kids not only in the middle school but in the highschool. They are on fire for God and they inspire change in their schools and in their friends around them and i can’t wait to see what God has in store for them. It’s so cool how God allows me to be a part of each others lives to bring us closer to him. its not anything we can do by ourselves but its by his purpose and by his grace.

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