Where adventure and food creates a happy day

It’s rare that two cooks have the same day off. It’s also rare that you want to do anything but sleep during those days. But I have found an adventure buddy!! We have had 2 days off together and the first day we went and spent the day at carowins! This time we decided to stay local. We didn’t do all the things we had planned but altering your adventure is all part of the adventure! We decided we wanted to enjoy the beautiful day by being on the river. Well alot of the tubing places were closed after labor day so we missed it by a day. 😦 So we found a place that rented water equipment and decided to go kayaking. we decided to take the longer float of 5+hrs past the biltmore estate (which I totally missed the view 😦 ) At the beginning I thought it’s so nice, a little overcast but nice. Then after about 3 hrs we started getting STARVING but we were on the river and we didn’t reach the end for another couple hours. If you’re looking for a fun day on the river check out outdooradventurerentals.com Our original plan was to check out the bywater after our river adventure but by that point we were beyond hungry and didn’t want to put forth the effort to cook we decided on finding a good burger. Hence we went to farm burger down town farmburger.net

grassfed burgers with endless toppings, mediocre fries but yummy sweet potato fries. The service was so fast that we ordered, and were deciding where to sit when our food was following us to our seats! We literally engulfed our burger in minutes. I don’t remember tasting all the wonderful toppings I put on mine (tom, let, cheddar, carmelized onions) Though I should have gone with my orignal instinct to order a mid rare burger instead of med. After such an great experience we decided to meander over to

Chocolate Lounge sign

the Chocolate lounge where we had only heard of the wonderful chocolaty things within. We were not disappointed. We arrived before the line made it’s way out the door. We marveled at all the cakes, creams, drinks ,truffles, and brownies. Before deciding on an a highland moca stout cake (a chocolate beer cake, asheville is a beer city) with coffee flavored buttercream which could have been sweeter in my opinion but it still hit a place of happiness within. I contemplated ordering a cheesecake with caramel chocolate marbling (or it could have just been marbled on top) but I was told to order something that I couldn’t easily replicate (great chefly wisdom that I always try to follow anyway 🙂 ) So I ordered a chocolate mousse with caramel creme trifle with whipped cream. OMG from the first bite it was love. It put me in a happy daze that didn’t really end. Throughout the night you could hear “mmm oh yeah mmm” It was THAT good! Also for those that know me I have this involuntary reaction if something is really tasty I say “mmh” after every bite. I’d say it was a perfect end to a perfect day.

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Sharing what God has done in It works!

There are people I respect not necessarily for their title in life or their job but by how they live their life. Are they honest? Are they willing to help? Do they think I’m an idiot? Do they want to make me better? I can name a list of people at my job that I like for one reason or another but right now I want to talk about a lady very close to me. Elizabeth Brandenkamp. She has drive, she has motivation and This is her story :  It’s more about how much my life has changed in the past year! I don’t think I’ve laid it all out there like this ever. Or been this honest about how bad it was before I joined It Works. I’m crying as I write this and remember:

I’m coming up on my year anniversary with It Works. I truly can’t believe how much has changed in that short amount of time. I had been in my house for just over a month when I realized I had misjudged my budget and overspent on my mortgage by about $300 a month. This meant that I was feeding 3 people on about $100 a month. (We had a house guest at that time.) And I had to leave about $100 for gas to and from work; we couldn’t really go anywhere extra. Often, I’d find myself with only about $15-$20 in my account with 2 weeks left to go in the month, which meant no food or gas.

I had to cut out any expenses that weren’t essential. That meant cutting not only soccer and karate for Corban, but also his college fund and even tithing. Tithing is and always has been essential in my budget, but it was literally a choice between tithing or eating.

But God was good and took care of us anyway. Somehow that tank of gas would last a ridiculously long time. The gallon of milk or box of cereal or loaf of bread lasted just long enough. There were days at the end of the month when I wouldn’t eat to make sure Corban could. (I hid that fact from my parents, though I’m pretty sure they knew since they would invite us over for dinner and send us home with the leftovers and a gallon of milk.)

But even in the midst of that, I scrounged around for the $100 to start It Works because 1-I knew I needed to bring in more money and 2-I couldn’t afford the child care it would cost to get a night job. (Yes, as a single parent, it costs money to get a second job. It was either $200/week minimum for an extra babysitter or $100 one time for It Works.)

I only wanted to make an extra $300 a month to cover the basics. I signed 5 customers and a distributor my first month. My business grew each month, and my commission always increased, but I wasn’t growing quickly. It took me another 4 months to sign Britnee Faulls, but after that, my business exploded. I had caught the bug. I started truly working my business and my commissions started REALLY growing. It only took me another month after that to hit my first goal: make enough to pay for the basics.

After I reached that goal, I was lost. I didn’t know what to do now that is achieved my “dream” of being able to afford food. My mentor, Cristen Sink told me to dream and pray bigger. I was at a point that I couldn’t comprehend what that meant. I knew I wanted to be a stay at home mom, but no single mom ever gets to be that, right? I knew I wanted to be debt free, but what single mom can ever achieve that with all the costs that come with raising a child on her own?! But I dared to dream it anyway. And I’m getting closer every day.

When we go to the grocery store, I’m thankful to buy what we need without stressing. When Corban goes to Montessori school every weekday morning, I’m thankful. When I paid off my credit card, I was thankful. When I write my first full tithing check in over a year next month, I’ll be thankful. When I write a check to pay off in full 1 of my 12 student loans each month for the next year, I’ll be thankful. When I’m a debt free, SAHM, I’ll be shocked and amazed and ever so thankful.

I’m continuing this journey. If you need help changing your circumstances, please message me. I want to help you succeed and dream and live life to the fullest. Anything less is no longer acceptable.”

I’m loving the testimonies I keep hearing from leaders like her. I can’t wait to continue learning and growing with this business and even though I didn’t join for the money I didn’t really have a good reason to join other than I thought it would be fun I did it anyway. i’m still trying to figure out “my dream” but I know a big part of it is living everyday to the fullest and not letting opportunities pass me by where I could have tried something new or helped someone else.

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The woahs of online dating

There’s a big stigma with online dating that you have to be desperate or whatever to try it and even more so to pay for it *cough eharmony and christian mingle cough cough* After researching the different sites and apps and talking to others who have used them I learned that tinder was for hook ups primarily and okcupid was decent. So I decided (not because I’m desperate) to try ok cupid. So below is some of the strangest responses to my profile I’m thinking that as I recieve more of these I’ll just update this post.

  1. “Hi I’m don and I read your profile and You sound like alot of fun. I’m 40 with a 7yr old son. I’m not quite divorced but we are separated” “Why aren’t you interested”….Hello 40! Hello still married! Hello kid!
  2. “Hi i’m Josh, You’re beautiful. you’re single yeah me too. I’d really love to date you, meet you, get to know eachother more, I want to tell you I’m a Virgin, and I’m looking to change that. What do you mean? You don’t like getting with people? I also love reading the bible to learn more about jesus…..Um WHAT? Not about to go into that (thats what he said)
  3. I’m sean from Saudi Arabia…I’m not dating long distance much less internationally!
  4. “Hi i’m brian and (after a good date) I just thought I should tell you I went to my dr and thought I should be tested I havn’t been with a women or 4 years but I thought I should be tested anyway. But I’m clean….Why do I need to know this on the first date?
  5. “Hi I’m larry I am so nervous for our first date…. I’ve known you for only a few days just chill out
  6. “Hi i’m jim. Why did you message me? After reviewing your profile you wouldn’t give me the time of day. After talking with you I’ve decided you’re one of the only women I can connect with mentally. When I move to asheville in a few weeks I already talked to my new boss and she’s agreed to take me off third shift and switch me to 1/2nd shift so we will have more time to hangout. Do you like me? We know alot about eachother so I don’t understand why you need space. Ok well take all the time you need. I guess since I havn’t heard from you in 3 days it means that you want me to eat you and lose your number ok consider it done….What happened to take all the time you need? why won’t you listen to me when i said I need to slow this train down and digest the information that has been so forcefully thrown at me?
  7. “Hi I’m john Wanna Hookup tonight?…What part of my profile screams I need a hookup TONIGHT!!
  8. “Hi I was just wondering if on your day off you’d want to go out and catch a movie?”
  9. ” after a rigorously brief overview of your profile i wanted to let you know I have already married and divorced you in my mind. thanks for all the wonderful imaginary memories. You will always have a special place in my heart. BTW I’m steve I like pizza with 8 toppings what about you?”…What the What? Do I even want to talk to you?

These have been my fun dating experiences. More to come for sure.

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You can’t have one without the other

What is a business without it’s customers? It would be a building, with managers, supervisors, employees and products or services right? If you don’t have a market then what’s the point right? Well the same holds true for it works! As much as I love having new people on my team and having this business change their lives my business wouldn’t succeed! If you think 3 months is a long commitment let me show you how easy it can be!

Start an it work challenege like the triple threat weightloss challenge

3 products every month to cleanse your body of toxins, lose the weight and tighten and tone your skin! Imagine what 3 months could do for you?

3 month (90 day) program!

Lots of companies give incentive programs punch cards like buy 10 and get one free at star bucks or smoothie card at elderberries (miss that place) and varies other places that recognize that they wouldn’t be the business they are without their customers and they know they have a good product and they want to reward their customers who have chosen them as their provider. You still might be thinking 3 months buying one product a month means you’re only committing to 3 products.

If you just want to purchase one product and don’t want to pay retail pricing which can be rather steep but really can’t justify spending $100 retail for a box of wraps but don’t want to commit to an autoship you can pay a one time fee of $50 and then you get benefits of a loyal customer 45% off all future orders, perk points and FREE SHIPPING!! (i don’t even get free shipping)

loyal it pays

we appreciate our distributors but love our loyal customers so we give them free money since 1=$1 $50 after 6mths and $150 after a year.

loyal perks

Want the best of both worlds? Earn Cash, earn bonuses, get out of debt, meet new friends, have fun and reach financial freedom and freedom of time. Or support me and my business as a loyal customer?

By the way since i’ve been being more regular about my blogging I’m adding a few new topics here. I’ve started writing about my asheville adventure and my foodie reviews. I started online dating and I’ve gotten some really weird psyco emails from people and i’m going to share them to give you a few laughs. The next section is my business I’m going to do a blog or two a week about different testimonies from leaders in this company how the business and the products have changed their lives.

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The Rebels

This week’s adventure takes me to the river again but this time instead of a nice relaxing float by myself I went with 28 other rebellious pirates to nantahala river white water rafting!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0fL9hm87W_I

Normal people would get in their car and drive to the river. Dawn their lifejacket maybe hire a guild to help them safely down the river without getting their boat stuck or having the people going overboard. Instead we dawned our war paint, bandannas, life jackets and enthusiastically jump into our boats and launched into the river. navigating the rapids aren’t enough for rebellious pirates they have to steal booty (tennis balls), stealing weapons (paddles), taking hostages, and commandeering another captain’s ship! There was a point where half our crew had launched themselves at another boat to pull another ship’s crew overboard and take over. Let me tell you it is hard to navigate the river with only 3 people in a boat! The water was fairly shallow but I survived with a couple bumps and bruises but it was a fun day!

This week’s restaurant review is La carreta. They were very accommodating of our big group with very short notice (30 people with only 10min notice) The waiter who waited on part of the table seemed rather flustered but he delivered the food. I will continue to say mexican food isn’t my favorite and sadly enjoy tex mex better. Yes I know it’s not true mexican food but I was in the mood for a quesidilla and got this tiny quesidilla that only had veg in it when I wanted veg and chicken. But I was tired and hungry so it didn’t matter too much. I found it strange that the waiter came out carrying my plate with a big oven mit on but the plate wasn’t even warm? I mean the food was hot so thats all that really matters to me but it seemed strange. It wouldn’t be some place I’d suggest going but I wouldn’t object in going back and as far as mexican restaurants go it was one of the better ones 🙂

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pizza makes the world go round

Pizza!!! It is one of the wonders 8 wonders of the world! ok maybe not that great but close 😉 It is so versatile that you could literally  have a breakfast pizza, italian, veggie, cheese, greek, pepperoni, white, fruit, cinnamon roll pizza, literally the possibilities are endless. Well I passed a couple co-workers who had ordered a pizza and I started craving pizza and thats when I decided the next day I was going to try Grand Central pizza and deli. They serve new york style pizza by the slice (they make a 20″ pizza to give slices and will put any toppings you want on it). It was delicious I won’t say it’s the best pizza i’ve ever had but the crust was crispy, the veg was fresh, the sauce was good and it was HOT! the only down side was it was thin crust and the toppings kept falling off and the next day the pizza wasn’t as good reheated even if I used my toaster oven. I can’t wait for my upcoming adventures next up white water rafting at natahala! I’d love to go to a baseball game and even further is to see the winter lights at the nc arboretum. (no i’m not trying to hurry that process along)

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Dream big!

It was that moment that I realized I made the right decision. Even though all along my friends and family questioned my decisions in the past. It all started my sophmore year in college. I met 5 girls in my dorm building. We were inseparable we had different majors but it didn’t matter we spent every moment we could studying, laughing, and havinhg fun. We were there for eachother for the day when we aced our exams and when we were nervous going on first dates. Jill decided to join It Works. She’d tried a wrap at her aunt’s wrap party.

wrap girl 7

She’d seen how the business had changed her aunt’s life giving her freedom both financially and socially. So she jumped in and naturally she wanted her best friends to join with her! She got 4 loyal customers on autoship who were exercise science majors at her school within the first week. 

She sold her individual wraps from her business kit and her wrap rewards (12 wraps at $25 apiece) to women in her sorority. After getting her fast start and her product credit her friends saw how she worked her business during class and at the cafeteria it really wasn’t a time sacrifice b/c she was already doing those things it was just adding another topic of conversation. They started thinking about their job…

Jill wasn’t even working a part time job and she was beginning to make more money than they were working 25hrs a week restocking books at the book store. They started asking themselves What if this was for real? What if I could make real money while in college? What’s the worst that could happen?

So Shelly and jane joined jill in her it works adventure. They did everything together why not this too? So Jill Had shelly, jane and her mom join as distributors Shelly also got 2 girls in her sorority to join as distributors.

and boom within 2 months jill had a ruby status in the company along with a $500 bonus, shelly had executive and 2 $100 bonus’ for helping her sorority sisters get fast start qualified in the first month! After seeing all the fun, new friends she met and freedom she was having jill started seriously thinking maybe going to law school wasn’t a good choice. That wasn’t her passion it was her dad’s passion.He was always debating things. Although she enjoyed debating she wanted to work for non profits who deal with women who have been through an abortion. Through it works she was able to do both while making a salary higher than she would have as a lawyer.

She gets to follow her passion and her dreams.

There are stories like jill’s and many other stories from distributors who have stayed with their business and done really well. For others it takes time. But if you talk about your business and believe in the products you will succeed! This business has afforded parents of special needs children to work from home and take care of them. Single parents who can’t pay for daycare but can’t afford to be home with their kids. College students like jill in the story pay for college and make their dream a reality.

A little about our company. We are a debt free company which means we can afford to pay our distributors crazy bonuses! What company doesn’t make you stay with them for a year before deciding to give you a bonus? They are taking the top earners and fastest team builders on a cruise. 1,500 to leaders in the company all on a cruise.

If this at all resonates within your soul. Wanting to live in freedom. Then contact me! http://brewrapped.myitworks.com/crazywrap/Wrapreneur/ 

Check out my products and ask questions. Even if you think it’s not for you right now there’s no harm in asking about it!

One fish in the middle of the sea

“No women ever wakes up saying I hope don’t I get swept off my feet today” -Hitch

This is one of my favorite romantic comedys so bare with me while I use a couple quotes haha. So yes I moved to a new city. I’m not saying I’m looking for love but I would like to find a good friend or two and maybe get swept off my feet in the process so I joined online dating. Wrap Girl 87! yep I incorporated my business into my user name. While I’ve gotten several views on my profile I wonder how they come up with their matches. Like my criteria to start with. Age 25-35, lives in asheville and non smoker! so why am I getting people who are a 10% match or 90% of the good looking ones (yes I’m superficial at times) are smokers! There’s a difference in having a religion as a hobby or a box to check on a form and actually living it. So this week(s) explore asheville will be merged with New city new friends segment.

So that day where I was bored and decided to take the leap I got into some good conversations with a couple guys. After a couple hours of messaging one of them asked if i’d like to go out on the off chance I actually get off on a weekend. So I randomly got friday off and I’ve been wanting to go to the drum circle which happens every friday downtown it’s fantastic and everyone should experience it at least once! So we decided to go hiking prior to the drum circle we went to sliding rock

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mc8luqt19Jc (watch it for the first minute or two)

The Water was so cold it took your breath away! We only slid down a handful of times b/c the water was so cold. It can be such a fun time people watching! I could be happy if I came with a bunch of people to just sit in the sun on a rock and watch people go down. There was a couple that went down and they went so fast that when they hit a bump in the rock the got good air! We would make sure we were watching when they went down. Parking is $2 per person. There are changing areas and a spectator overlook as we were leaving an older couple who had no intention of swimming had brought 2 camping chairs and set them up in view of the slide to just watch for awhile. We also ventured over to Triple falls

Where little known fact the hunger games were filmed in the dupont state forest where you will find triple falls, hooker falls and looking glass falls. (I’m sure there are more than that too!)

Ahhh My city is famous for something other than it’s breweries!

Next we went to

Yes It’s a baby. I have no idea why. I was in the mood for pizza so I settled on a calzone as did he. Their food was good but I wouldn’t put it on my must visit list. Halfway through dinner I realized his shirt was on inside out. How do you tell someone that? We laughed about it and tried to see if the waitress would notice but she didn’t. We continued our adventure downtown to the drum circle

Thats only a small section. there was probably 70 drummers. They had 3 big drums in the center that set the rhythm and young and old would follow along while the spectators danced and twirled, ran congo lines and hoola hooped.  It happens Every friday night so go do it! Afterwards we walked around downtown using a quarter to determine which streets we would walk down. If it was heads then we would go right or straight and if it was tails then we would go left. Every time he flipped the coin it ended up on heads (like 12 times in a row!) and every time I flipped it…tails. (6 times). It was a fun day 🙂

Date 2:

First date was late 20s the second guy was late 30s. A little older than I had originally thought I’d like but I thought i’d give it a shot. What’s wrong with meeting a few new friends? New experiences? Why Not. So we decided to meet at the atlanta bread company then move on from there. Apparently every tuesday there’s a group of older people who play cards and games all day happens every week from what the cashier said. We moved on from there and figured out we both love to play games so we went to play phooseball at a local brewery Altamont Brewing companyAltamont Brewing Company - Asheville, NC, United States

Its built in an old mechanic shop and they recently bought the restaurant next door and is going to open it up to food soon! They have a cool stage. The decor is really cool with drapes and local artists sell their artwork. There are brochures and magazines showcasing everything fun there is to do in asheville! They have a ping pong table and phooseball table which is free for everyone’s enjoyment. It’s also a stop on the asheville brewery bus tour! Different type of date both fun in different ways. Yay for making new friends! Cheers to meeting new people and doing new fun things!

When Friends come to call

The Adventure continues! I’ve had a couple people come and visit me while I’ve been here and eventhough these same people visited me in hot springs at the homestead I enjoyed their visit here so much more! I love them both but there is something about exploring new territory and having adventures that makes me enjoy their visit so much more. At the homestead there was hiking and there was the homestead. After 2 weeks or maybe 2 mths depending on your level of adventure your exploratory journey has come to an end. When people came and visited me I showed them all the hot spots but after a day there wasn’t much to do. Now that I’m in asheville there are countless things to explore from hiking (which I plan to do tomorrow stay tuned for a fun post 😉 to restaurants, I have yet to find a bad spot (though I probably won’t go back to rise and shine lol).

Last weekend Katelyn came and visited! She was visiting her sister not too far from here so she came by. It makes me feel so special when people say they were in the neighborhood and thought theyd stop by and visit. 🙂 We went downtown to eat lunch at Mellow mushroom! 

Super fun place. Very quirky decor and great outdoor seating they even allow you to bring your dogs and just chill. I kinda felt obligated to get something with mushrooms since it is that kind of place. I got a hoagie with a bunch of fresh tasting veg and mushrooms. Katelyn got a mushroom pizza that was the other thing I was debating about on the menu. I was torn between going to the asheville pizza and brewary which I’ve only been once and loved everything about that place or go here some place new but have heard great things about. Either would have been a good decision and i’m glad I tried something new. After lunch we walked around downtown. We found a really cool shop which the name escapes me but it had alot of clothing which was organized by size color and displayed outfit. Our initial reaction was, this is a nice store but we are just going to browse b/c it’s most likely out of our price range. They also had cool jewelry from local artists! I’ll have to go back and try to find earrings to match my necklace i’ve had for years. We both tried on a few things and unfortunately the dresses i tried looked way better on the hanger than on me 😦 but everything she tried on fit her and her personality perfectly and it turns out things were actually decently priced! Yay win win! We made our way over the the basilica when a museum caught our eyes…


It was such a cool place! there were games from 1947 up to the The present! some were just for display where as others you could actually put in money and play! They even had one that you could just play for free for the fun of it. Some of them were also available for purchase. I also learned something that day, that during the 1940s pinball was illegal and the museum has ones from 1947. The reason it was illegal was schools believed that these games were a form of gambling for children. That the games were taking children’s lunch money. So that was super cool.

Next we went to the st. peter’s basilica which I had been there before but it was still cool. The stain glass art is beautiful.

Then we decided to go to the unca bontanical gardens! It was our easy hike since we had wanted to go hiking but the places I had wanted to go were too far away 😦 But the hike was nice walking around outside and she actually appreciated the plants. We saw this bird feeder platform suspended from the trees in mid air, and old school house with a quote “come along children come along” and we thought how creapy that was and this cool wigwam shelter. That night we decided we wanted to go up to the hotel and see the sunset from the terrace however it was raining and you couldn’t see it 😦 We wondered around for a bit then headed to the place I will show everyone who comes to visit!

I have ice cream, custard and frozen yogurt within two block and I havn’t been to the yogurt or ice cream place b/c I am so in love with it! It was their one year anniversary! Their flavors were birthday cake and mud pie. I got the mud pie which was espresso custard with carmel and chocolate bits. OMG it was fantastic that and buckeye have been the best so far. So that was last weekend. I can’t wait to see what tomorrow holds!! 🙂

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I love to laugh

Sorry Guys I’ve been slacking in my Asheville adventure blog. I’ve been working crazy hours at the hotel but that doesn’t mean I still havn’t been continuing my adventure in between naps lol. Last week I went to see the comedy group “Inexpensive babies!” When I first moved to asheville I looked at events and I saw they were performing but it the week before I moved here. Well I had a friday off and thought it would be a waste to sit home doing nothing so I checked the event page and saw they were playing that night. It felt good to laugh the theatre was set up weirdly. the bar was downstairs but the theatre had tables in the rows to put your drinks on. it was a fun night! I’d definitely go see them again.

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