Fine dining for 2

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged not b/c I havn’t had time or material to blog about i just havn’t felt like writing. So remember when I joined ok cupid? Just b/c why not? and those blogs I wrote “The woahs of online dating” and “one fish in the middle of the sea” This past week I went on a first date with this guy. I havn’t known him for very long but b/c we’ve been friends for awhile beforehand this momentous “first date” so wasn’t as nerve wracking as most. Yes I was still nervous/excited. Yes I do have friends who were/are anticipating the low down on how it went (no I won’t give those details here). Some people say a good relationship is built from friendships while there have been other people who say it’s better the other way around. Who knows, but I think relationships are built off friendships. Anyways we went to :

It was a fine dining restaurant . The server was attentive and it had a nice calming atmosphere. I had a mushroom medley appetizer served with thinly sliced and toasted french bread, while he had thinly cut fries with a truffle dipping sauce. For my entree I had quail stuffed with a cheddar/bacon breadcrumbstuffing cooked in a red wine demi, swiss chard and a cream sauce. His entree was lamb with fresh tomatoes and fresh pappardelle pasta and basil pesto. We both enjoyed the food as well as the creme brulee. It’s a nice place to go for a special occasion but I wouldn’t make it a go to place.

I’ve kinda lost track of some the other places I’ve visited since my other blogs. From what I can remember The Hop, bruggers bagels, waffle house, papas and beer and green sage. I had all good experiences. 🙂

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The Rebels

This week’s adventure takes me to the river again but this time instead of a nice relaxing float by myself I went with 28 other rebellious pirates to nantahala river white water rafting!

Normal people would get in their car and drive to the river. Dawn their lifejacket maybe hire a guild to help them safely down the river without getting their boat stuck or having the people going overboard. Instead we dawned our war paint, bandannas, life jackets and enthusiastically jump into our boats and launched into the river. navigating the rapids aren’t enough for rebellious pirates they have to steal booty (tennis balls), stealing weapons (paddles), taking hostages, and commandeering another captain’s ship! There was a point where half our crew had launched themselves at another boat to pull another ship’s crew overboard and take over. Let me tell you it is hard to navigate the river with only 3 people in a boat! The water was fairly shallow but I survived with a couple bumps and bruises but it was a fun day!

This week’s restaurant review is La carreta. They were very accommodating of our big group with very short notice (30 people with only 10min notice) The waiter who waited on part of the table seemed rather flustered but he delivered the food. I will continue to say mexican food isn’t my favorite and sadly enjoy tex mex better. Yes I know it’s not true mexican food but I was in the mood for a quesidilla and got this tiny quesidilla that only had veg in it when I wanted veg and chicken. But I was tired and hungry so it didn’t matter too much. I found it strange that the waiter came out carrying my plate with a big oven mit on but the plate wasn’t even warm? I mean the food was hot so thats all that really matters to me but it seemed strange. It wouldn’t be some place I’d suggest going but I wouldn’t object in going back and as far as mexican restaurants go it was one of the better ones 🙂

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I love to laugh

Sorry Guys I’ve been slacking in my Asheville adventure blog. I’ve been working crazy hours at the hotel but that doesn’t mean I still havn’t been continuing my adventure in between naps lol. Last week I went to see the comedy group “Inexpensive babies!” When I first moved to asheville I looked at events and I saw they were performing but it the week before I moved here. Well I had a friday off and thought it would be a waste to sit home doing nothing so I checked the event page and saw they were playing that night. It felt good to laugh the theatre was set up weirdly. the bar was downstairs but the theatre had tables in the rows to put your drinks on. it was a fun night! I’d definitely go see them again.

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