Fine dining for 2

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged not b/c I havn’t had time or material to blog about i just havn’t felt like writing. So remember when I joined ok cupid? Just b/c why not? and those blogs I wrote “The woahs of online dating” and “one fish in the middle of the sea” This past week I went on a first date with this guy. I havn’t known him for very long but b/c we’ve been friends for awhile beforehand this momentous “first date” so wasn’t as nerve wracking as most. Yes I was still nervous/excited. Yes I do have friends who were/are anticipating the low down on how it went (no I won’t give those details here). Some people say a good relationship is built from friendships while there have been other people who say it’s better the other way around. Who knows, but I think relationships are built off friendships. Anyways we went to :

It was a fine dining restaurant . The server was attentive and it had a nice calming atmosphere. I had a mushroom medley appetizer served with thinly sliced and toasted french bread, while he had thinly cut fries with a truffle dipping sauce. For my entree I had quail stuffed with a cheddar/bacon breadcrumbstuffing cooked in a red wine demi, swiss chard and a cream sauce. His entree was lamb with fresh tomatoes and fresh pappardelle pasta and basil pesto. We both enjoyed the food as well as the creme brulee. It’s a nice place to go for a special occasion but I wouldn’t make it a go to place.

I’ve kinda lost track of some the other places I’ve visited since my other blogs. From what I can remember The Hop, bruggers bagels, waffle house, papas and beer and green sage. I had all good experiences. 🙂

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Where adventure and food creates a happy day

It’s rare that two cooks have the same day off. It’s also rare that you want to do anything but sleep during those days. But I have found an adventure buddy!! We have had 2 days off together and the first day we went and spent the day at carowins! This time we decided to stay local. We didn’t do all the things we had planned but altering your adventure is all part of the adventure! We decided we wanted to enjoy the beautiful day by being on the river. Well alot of the tubing places were closed after labor day so we missed it by a day. 😦 So we found a place that rented water equipment and decided to go kayaking. we decided to take the longer float of 5+hrs past the biltmore estate (which I totally missed the view 😦 ) At the beginning I thought it’s so nice, a little overcast but nice. Then after about 3 hrs we started getting STARVING but we were on the river and we didn’t reach the end for another couple hours. If you’re looking for a fun day on the river check out Our original plan was to check out the bywater after our river adventure but by that point we were beyond hungry and didn’t want to put forth the effort to cook we decided on finding a good burger. Hence we went to farm burger down town

grassfed burgers with endless toppings, mediocre fries but yummy sweet potato fries. The service was so fast that we ordered, and were deciding where to sit when our food was following us to our seats! We literally engulfed our burger in minutes. I don’t remember tasting all the wonderful toppings I put on mine (tom, let, cheddar, carmelized onions) Though I should have gone with my orignal instinct to order a mid rare burger instead of med. After such an great experience we decided to meander over to

Chocolate Lounge sign

the Chocolate lounge where we had only heard of the wonderful chocolaty things within. We were not disappointed. We arrived before the line made it’s way out the door. We marveled at all the cakes, creams, drinks ,truffles, and brownies. Before deciding on an a highland moca stout cake (a chocolate beer cake, asheville is a beer city) with coffee flavored buttercream which could have been sweeter in my opinion but it still hit a place of happiness within. I contemplated ordering a cheesecake with caramel chocolate marbling (or it could have just been marbled on top) but I was told to order something that I couldn’t easily replicate (great chefly wisdom that I always try to follow anyway 🙂 ) So I ordered a chocolate mousse with caramel creme trifle with whipped cream. OMG from the first bite it was love. It put me in a happy daze that didn’t really end. Throughout the night you could hear “mmm oh yeah mmm” It was THAT good! Also for those that know me I have this involuntary reaction if something is really tasty I say “mmh” after every bite. I’d say it was a perfect end to a perfect day.

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The Rebels

This week’s adventure takes me to the river again but this time instead of a nice relaxing float by myself I went with 28 other rebellious pirates to nantahala river white water rafting!

Normal people would get in their car and drive to the river. Dawn their lifejacket maybe hire a guild to help them safely down the river without getting their boat stuck or having the people going overboard. Instead we dawned our war paint, bandannas, life jackets and enthusiastically jump into our boats and launched into the river. navigating the rapids aren’t enough for rebellious pirates they have to steal booty (tennis balls), stealing weapons (paddles), taking hostages, and commandeering another captain’s ship! There was a point where half our crew had launched themselves at another boat to pull another ship’s crew overboard and take over. Let me tell you it is hard to navigate the river with only 3 people in a boat! The water was fairly shallow but I survived with a couple bumps and bruises but it was a fun day!

This week’s restaurant review is La carreta. They were very accommodating of our big group with very short notice (30 people with only 10min notice) The waiter who waited on part of the table seemed rather flustered but he delivered the food. I will continue to say mexican food isn’t my favorite and sadly enjoy tex mex better. Yes I know it’s not true mexican food but I was in the mood for a quesidilla and got this tiny quesidilla that only had veg in it when I wanted veg and chicken. But I was tired and hungry so it didn’t matter too much. I found it strange that the waiter came out carrying my plate with a big oven mit on but the plate wasn’t even warm? I mean the food was hot so thats all that really matters to me but it seemed strange. It wouldn’t be some place I’d suggest going but I wouldn’t object in going back and as far as mexican restaurants go it was one of the better ones 🙂

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pizza makes the world go round

Pizza!!! It is one of the wonders 8 wonders of the world! ok maybe not that great but close 😉 It is so versatile that you could literally  have a breakfast pizza, italian, veggie, cheese, greek, pepperoni, white, fruit, cinnamon roll pizza, literally the possibilities are endless. Well I passed a couple co-workers who had ordered a pizza and I started craving pizza and thats when I decided the next day I was going to try Grand Central pizza and deli. They serve new york style pizza by the slice (they make a 20″ pizza to give slices and will put any toppings you want on it). It was delicious I won’t say it’s the best pizza i’ve ever had but the crust was crispy, the veg was fresh, the sauce was good and it was HOT! the only down side was it was thin crust and the toppings kept falling off and the next day the pizza wasn’t as good reheated even if I used my toaster oven. I can’t wait for my upcoming adventures next up white water rafting at natahala! I’d love to go to a baseball game and even further is to see the winter lights at the nc arboretum. (no i’m not trying to hurry that process along)

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One fish in the middle of the sea

“No women ever wakes up saying I hope don’t I get swept off my feet today” -Hitch

This is one of my favorite romantic comedys so bare with me while I use a couple quotes haha. So yes I moved to a new city. I’m not saying I’m looking for love but I would like to find a good friend or two and maybe get swept off my feet in the process so I joined online dating. Wrap Girl 87! yep I incorporated my business into my user name. While I’ve gotten several views on my profile I wonder how they come up with their matches. Like my criteria to start with. Age 25-35, lives in asheville and non smoker! so why am I getting people who are a 10% match or 90% of the good looking ones (yes I’m superficial at times) are smokers! There’s a difference in having a religion as a hobby or a box to check on a form and actually living it. So this week(s) explore asheville will be merged with New city new friends segment.

So that day where I was bored and decided to take the leap I got into some good conversations with a couple guys. After a couple hours of messaging one of them asked if i’d like to go out on the off chance I actually get off on a weekend. So I randomly got friday off and I’ve been wanting to go to the drum circle which happens every friday downtown it’s fantastic and everyone should experience it at least once! So we decided to go hiking prior to the drum circle we went to sliding rock (watch it for the first minute or two)

The Water was so cold it took your breath away! We only slid down a handful of times b/c the water was so cold. It can be such a fun time people watching! I could be happy if I came with a bunch of people to just sit in the sun on a rock and watch people go down. There was a couple that went down and they went so fast that when they hit a bump in the rock the got good air! We would make sure we were watching when they went down. Parking is $2 per person. There are changing areas and a spectator overlook as we were leaving an older couple who had no intention of swimming had brought 2 camping chairs and set them up in view of the slide to just watch for awhile. We also ventured over to Triple falls

Where little known fact the hunger games were filmed in the dupont state forest where you will find triple falls, hooker falls and looking glass falls. (I’m sure there are more than that too!)

Ahhh My city is famous for something other than it’s breweries!

Next we went to

Yes It’s a baby. I have no idea why. I was in the mood for pizza so I settled on a calzone as did he. Their food was good but I wouldn’t put it on my must visit list. Halfway through dinner I realized his shirt was on inside out. How do you tell someone that? We laughed about it and tried to see if the waitress would notice but she didn’t. We continued our adventure downtown to the drum circle

Thats only a small section. there was probably 70 drummers. They had 3 big drums in the center that set the rhythm and young and old would follow along while the spectators danced and twirled, ran congo lines and hoola hooped.  It happens Every friday night so go do it! Afterwards we walked around downtown using a quarter to determine which streets we would walk down. If it was heads then we would go right or straight and if it was tails then we would go left. Every time he flipped the coin it ended up on heads (like 12 times in a row!) and every time I flipped it…tails. (6 times). It was a fun day 🙂

Date 2:

First date was late 20s the second guy was late 30s. A little older than I had originally thought I’d like but I thought i’d give it a shot. What’s wrong with meeting a few new friends? New experiences? Why Not. So we decided to meet at the atlanta bread company then move on from there. Apparently every tuesday there’s a group of older people who play cards and games all day happens every week from what the cashier said. We moved on from there and figured out we both love to play games so we went to play phooseball at a local brewery Altamont Brewing companyAltamont Brewing Company - Asheville, NC, United States

Its built in an old mechanic shop and they recently bought the restaurant next door and is going to open it up to food soon! They have a cool stage. The decor is really cool with drapes and local artists sell their artwork. There are brochures and magazines showcasing everything fun there is to do in asheville! They have a ping pong table and phooseball table which is free for everyone’s enjoyment. It’s also a stop on the asheville brewery bus tour! Different type of date both fun in different ways. Yay for making new friends! Cheers to meeting new people and doing new fun things!

Rise and shine!

This Week’s culinary adventure takes us to..


A cute little shop in the plaza 1 block from my house. It has outdoor seating which is cool. I went for lunch but it is mostly a breakfast place they are open 7:30-2pm but I don’t really enjoy breakfast unless it’s ihop 🙂 So I ordered a sandwich. It was a good sandwich, lightly toasted wheat bread with sauteed spinach and mushrooms tomato cheese and mixed greens. I keep finding that asheville is a healthy place and they try to accommodate all types of diets. from gluten free to vegetarian. They offered glueten free pasta salad and an option to put tofu or tempe’ (sp) (I shuttered a little bit inside) on your salad of sandwich. Slightly more intriguing is the fact they offer fresh juice. Reminds me of el salvador where there alot of juice bars but I’d rather have fresh orange strawberry juice than carrot juice. They also have smoothies but they aren’t as impressive as elderberries but cost almost just as much. The decor is plastic cafeteria chairs with the checkered plastic table clothes. Bright yellow and blue walls. The menu is also posted on the door. I don’t think I’ll go back for lunch b/c the sandwich was over seven dollars and then a drink so I feel like I could get better food for the same price elsewhere. But glad to be able to check that off my list! Wonder where i’ll go next weekend with Becky!

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