Step by step

Ever been in a situation where it was a bad situation overall but if it was going to be bad you’re glad it played out like it did? Like you got really sick when you had planned on using your vacation time at work for a staycation. Yes it sucks you’re spending your off time sick at home but hey at least you’re getting paid for it and at least they already planned for you to be off. Thats how this past weekend was for me. Seizures are the worst and will continue to be miserable however VNS gave me a glimpse of how it can help with some of the side effects of seizures. Friday Night busy night at work not overly stressful but it had been an overall bad day for me. I had a seizure but was coherent well before the EMS got to the hotel they were impressed. Though I don’t remember all that was talked about I know I talked about my VNS and was asked about who the president was and I want to say I said “It’s not Obama anymore…” but I can’t remember if I actually said Trump even though he was inaugurated months ago. After I went home I had no trouble going to sleep which was unusual for me normally my mind races and I can’t get it to quiet down. The next day I woke up surprised to find I didn’t have a headache, I didn’t have muscle soreness I felt normal. I called work and they were also surprised to hear i was coming in because normally they tell me to take a day and sleep it off. Everyone at work said I acted normal not sluggish or anything that next day. So while we are still trying to figure out what the correct level to put my VNS at I’m just happy that I have a course of action I can take in the form of the magnet instead of being a time bomb that may or may not go off. That it lessens the effects of the seizures and shortens recovery time. The magnet isn’t complicated to use and fits in my pocket. It is helping. It just is taking time for my body to adjust and one day i’ll get there.

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Where adventure and food creates a happy day

It’s rare that two cooks have the same day off. It’s also rare that you want to do anything but sleep during those days. But I have found an adventure buddy!! We have had 2 days off together and the first day we went and spent the day at carowins! This time we decided to stay local. We didn’t do all the things we had planned but altering your adventure is all part of the adventure! We decided we wanted to enjoy the beautiful day by being on the river. Well alot of the tubing places were closed after labor day so we missed it by a day. 😦 So we found a place that rented water equipment and decided to go kayaking. we decided to take the longer float of 5+hrs past the biltmore estate (which I totally missed the view 😦 ) At the beginning I thought it’s so nice, a little overcast but nice. Then after about 3 hrs we started getting STARVING but we were on the river and we didn’t reach the end for another couple hours. If you’re looking for a fun day on the river check out Our original plan was to check out the bywater after our river adventure but by that point we were beyond hungry and didn’t want to put forth the effort to cook we decided on finding a good burger. Hence we went to farm burger down town

grassfed burgers with endless toppings, mediocre fries but yummy sweet potato fries. The service was so fast that we ordered, and were deciding where to sit when our food was following us to our seats! We literally engulfed our burger in minutes. I don’t remember tasting all the wonderful toppings I put on mine (tom, let, cheddar, carmelized onions) Though I should have gone with my orignal instinct to order a mid rare burger instead of med. After such an great experience we decided to meander over to

Chocolate Lounge sign

the Chocolate lounge where we had only heard of the wonderful chocolaty things within. We were not disappointed. We arrived before the line made it’s way out the door. We marveled at all the cakes, creams, drinks ,truffles, and brownies. Before deciding on an a highland moca stout cake (a chocolate beer cake, asheville is a beer city) with coffee flavored buttercream which could have been sweeter in my opinion but it still hit a place of happiness within. I contemplated ordering a cheesecake with caramel chocolate marbling (or it could have just been marbled on top) but I was told to order something that I couldn’t easily replicate (great chefly wisdom that I always try to follow anyway 🙂 ) So I ordered a chocolate mousse with caramel creme trifle with whipped cream. OMG from the first bite it was love. It put me in a happy daze that didn’t really end. Throughout the night you could hear “mmm oh yeah mmm” It was THAT good! Also for those that know me I have this involuntary reaction if something is really tasty I say “mmh” after every bite. I’d say it was a perfect end to a perfect day.

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You can’t have one without the other

What is a business without it’s customers? It would be a building, with managers, supervisors, employees and products or services right? If you don’t have a market then what’s the point right? Well the same holds true for it works! As much as I love having new people on my team and having this business change their lives my business wouldn’t succeed! If you think 3 months is a long commitment let me show you how easy it can be!

Start an it work challenege like the triple threat weightloss challenge

3 products every month to cleanse your body of toxins, lose the weight and tighten and tone your skin! Imagine what 3 months could do for you?

3 month (90 day) program!

Lots of companies give incentive programs punch cards like buy 10 and get one free at star bucks or smoothie card at elderberries (miss that place) and varies other places that recognize that they wouldn’t be the business they are without their customers and they know they have a good product and they want to reward their customers who have chosen them as their provider. You still might be thinking 3 months buying one product a month means you’re only committing to 3 products.

If you just want to purchase one product and don’t want to pay retail pricing which can be rather steep but really can’t justify spending $100 retail for a box of wraps but don’t want to commit to an autoship you can pay a one time fee of $50 and then you get benefits of a loyal customer 45% off all future orders, perk points and FREE SHIPPING!! (i don’t even get free shipping)

loyal it pays

we appreciate our distributors but love our loyal customers so we give them free money since 1=$1 $50 after 6mths and $150 after a year.

loyal perks

Want the best of both worlds? Earn Cash, earn bonuses, get out of debt, meet new friends, have fun and reach financial freedom and freedom of time. Or support me and my business as a loyal customer?

By the way since i’ve been being more regular about my blogging I’m adding a few new topics here. I’ve started writing about my asheville adventure and my foodie reviews. I started online dating and I’ve gotten some really weird psyco emails from people and i’m going to share them to give you a few laughs. The next section is my business I’m going to do a blog or two a week about different testimonies from leaders in this company how the business and the products have changed their lives.

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Dream big!

It was that moment that I realized I made the right decision. Even though all along my friends and family questioned my decisions in the past. It all started my sophmore year in college. I met 5 girls in my dorm building. We were inseparable we had different majors but it didn’t matter we spent every moment we could studying, laughing, and havinhg fun. We were there for eachother for the day when we aced our exams and when we were nervous going on first dates. Jill decided to join It Works. She’d tried a wrap at her aunt’s wrap party.

wrap girl 7

She’d seen how the business had changed her aunt’s life giving her freedom both financially and socially. So she jumped in and naturally she wanted her best friends to join with her! She got 4 loyal customers on autoship who were exercise science majors at her school within the first week. 

She sold her individual wraps from her business kit and her wrap rewards (12 wraps at $25 apiece) to women in her sorority. After getting her fast start and her product credit her friends saw how she worked her business during class and at the cafeteria it really wasn’t a time sacrifice b/c she was already doing those things it was just adding another topic of conversation. They started thinking about their job…

Jill wasn’t even working a part time job and she was beginning to make more money than they were working 25hrs a week restocking books at the book store. They started asking themselves What if this was for real? What if I could make real money while in college? What’s the worst that could happen?

So Shelly and jane joined jill in her it works adventure. They did everything together why not this too? So Jill Had shelly, jane and her mom join as distributors Shelly also got 2 girls in her sorority to join as distributors.

and boom within 2 months jill had a ruby status in the company along with a $500 bonus, shelly had executive and 2 $100 bonus’ for helping her sorority sisters get fast start qualified in the first month! After seeing all the fun, new friends she met and freedom she was having jill started seriously thinking maybe going to law school wasn’t a good choice. That wasn’t her passion it was her dad’s passion.He was always debating things. Although she enjoyed debating she wanted to work for non profits who deal with women who have been through an abortion. Through it works she was able to do both while making a salary higher than she would have as a lawyer.

She gets to follow her passion and her dreams.

There are stories like jill’s and many other stories from distributors who have stayed with their business and done really well. For others it takes time. But if you talk about your business and believe in the products you will succeed! This business has afforded parents of special needs children to work from home and take care of them. Single parents who can’t pay for daycare but can’t afford to be home with their kids. College students like jill in the story pay for college and make their dream a reality.

A little about our company. We are a debt free company which means we can afford to pay our distributors crazy bonuses! What company doesn’t make you stay with them for a year before deciding to give you a bonus? They are taking the top earners and fastest team builders on a cruise. 1,500 to leaders in the company all on a cruise.

If this at all resonates within your soul. Wanting to live in freedom. Then contact me! 

Check out my products and ask questions. Even if you think it’s not for you right now there’s no harm in asking about it!

Be the Change

There are some people in life who plan every last detail of their life. They carefully plan for different situations and if things don’t go as planned they freak out and loose control. Others Don’t expect much of themselves, they don’t set goals instead they fly by the seat of their pants and they either are really good at it or they fail and regret it. There are many faces of It Works. Whether it be you came to know and love the company b/c of a friend telling you about the opportunity, seeing an ad on facebook, seeing an interest box for a free wrap or just trying the products and seeing that they really do work for you and for your lifestyle. Everyone gets into it for a different reason. Single moms looking to put food on the table or pursue something bigger than themselves, College students who want to pay for their books and pay room and board. Special needs parents who pay for round the clock nursing care or special hospital tests and procedures. Parents pay for their vacations, mortgages, or school loans. I joined b/c I wanted to try the facial products. I didn’t understand the loyalty program and thought hmm if I could use the products and make myself feel better, healthier and make money then it would be good.

trial distributor

I have learned so much about myself, what motivates me, the areas of my life that I love and what areas I need to work on, I have experienced a supportive community that is positive and excited when I make progress. I’m not looking for lifetime distributors (though I would love for you to be on my team long term) but give me 3 months and tell me that it has not changed your life in SOME way. You can contact me through facebook or through my website I can also give you information on product testing and different product challenges to get your the results you’re looking for


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Pay it forward!

It works isn’t about selling products. It’s about showing people products that will make a difference in how they live their lives. From weight loss to energy to focus to putting your best face forward, to menopause and to joint relief. It works fits into your life. We instill Confidence and courage in our wrap girls(and guys). We enjoy having control over our time and relish the time we spend with friends (old and new). I’ve gotten to reconnect with friends from HS and College and love being part of their lives. The it works life isn’t all hard work and dedication sometimes it’s about fun. The conferences, the green carpet events, wrap parties, facial parties (hs prom girls night), lunches, phone calls, ninja parties (see picture below). The third aspect of It works is Freedom. It looks different to everyone. Financial freedom, freedom from body issues, freedom from working long hours, freedom from trying to get time off work, freedom to always be there to wipe your kid’s running nose or see his first steps or hear his first word. But Most of all freedom to dare to dream bigger than yourself.

I love that our company encourages teamwork and the success of others helps us succeed! Do you want to be part of a successful, debt free, and life changing company? Now is the perfect time to join virtually no risk to you! $99 gets you a business kit to launch your business but if you join before tomorrow morning (wed5/20) at 7am you get a free box of body toning wraps which could make you a profit of $100 contact me for more information and/or check out my website (click join, join the party)

“Be the change you want to see in the world”

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